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Clean Slate!

May 30, 2019


What's Up Ma'am Ser!!!


Welcome to my brand new website!


It's been a long time since I have my blog.To give you some back story, I started my first blog when I was still working in Manila. If you knew me before, my first ever blog started last January 2013 using Blogspot (Now renamed as Blogger by Google). My office mates are the one who encourage me to write about my adventures (mostly food and travel). We know that eating and travelling around Philippines is cheap. My old blog is still up and I will not take it down. You know why? This give me inspiration to make a new Blog with new knowledge and skills to fulfill my dream before. To share my passion about food and travel. Before, I don't know how to start, or what to write or what topic should I focused to. It's only when I have started to join some workshops, hosted by Kuya Zeke Tunay of Best Life Qatar. This give me inspiration to write again and re-start on my blogging.


You will expect more of my adventures (stay tune for my next week's blog post). I have more quality blogs to share to you as we progress weekly. If you have any suggestions or comments, do share it with me. Just put some comments and follow me on my other social media channels (Click on the icons on my web page). Also, do subscribe to my mailing list so that you will receive weekly newsletters straight at your inbox.


Hope you follow my journey in life both here in Doha, State of Qatar and to my home land - the Philippines as well on my future adventures! As always, Let's eat and travel! 


Cheers! Ma Salama! Ciao!

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